Ditty's Closet

A Virtual Closet for the Loan of Real Medical Equipment

A Story: When Sharon broke her foot, Sandy knew who to call. Laurel had a shower transfer bench from her first surgery. It had been loaned to another member but was back in her garage. A quick phone call, a short drive, and Sharon no longer needed to worry about falling in the shower, and didn’t have to purchase equipment she’d (hopefully) only need for a few weeks.

Allen's mom was coming to town for a short visit.  They hoped to go to some galleries and a play, but didn't have a wheelchair that she might need for longer expeditions about town. Checking with Ditty's Closet, they were able to borrow a lightweight transfer wheelchair...just the thing they needed for mom's visit!

Norma was about to return a commode and a walker with a seat that she borrowed for about eight weeks, when a call came in to Ditty's Closet from another member scheduled for surgery in ten days time. Laurel phoned Norma, and arrangements were made to take the equipment right over to the next person who needed it! 

How about You? 

Would you or people you know like to borrow (instead of purchase) medical equipment after surgery or an accident? 

Do you have a walker, wheelchair, or shower chair in your garage you are willing to lend? What about a commode, crutches, bedside table? Walking sticks? 

Ditty’s Closet is one local community's virtual closet for the loan of real medical equipment. In memory of Laurel’s mother, Ditty Zien, Laurel and her synagogue inaugurated an easy way for members to help one another in times of illness.

Laurel has presented this idea to members of the Fall Prevention Program of Contra Costa County, the Jewish Federation of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Senior Injury Prevention Program of Contra Costa County.  People are excited about it, and wonder if they can do it for their church, apartment building or even their neighborhood.  The Answer is YES !!! 

Here’s how it works

If you have durable medical equipment you are willing to loan to another member, provide the chairperson of the program with your name, the type of equipment you have, your email address and phone number.  The stuff stays at your house. The committee establishes a virtual inventory of the equipment available, who has it, and short descriptions of equipment details. 

If, instead, you need equipment, contact the committee or volunteer, and state your request. They will email back  a list of the folks that might have what you are looking for. You make the calls or emails, and the arrangements to pick up the stuff. It’s that simple. We only ask that you maintain the equipment in good condition, and return it when you’re done. 

Participation in Ditty’s Closet is purely voluntary. The committee and volunteers cannot guarantee that equipment you lend won’t be damaged or that you will be safe when using equipment you are borrowing. The owners of the equipment are not responsible for damage to any equipment borrowed or for any injuries that might result from use of the equipment. 

It’s an amazing gift to help someone heal by lending your durable medical equipment to someone in our community.

Links to Inventory Form

To save you some work, I've posted our Ditty's Closet Inventory Form (blank, but with types of equipment suggested) as a Google Doc on Google Drive.

This link is in process.  Come back soon.


Let your community know what you’ve got.  Do it now. Thanks!