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for families facing the challenges of aging and chronic illness

This is the guide and viewpoint site for adult children of aging parents as well as for those facing chronic illness --particularly cancer-- and their families, caregivers and supporters. We've banded these two topics together as the challenges are fairly similar and the time-frame involved is increasing from months to years.

Within our View:

  • Improved communication with medical personnel
  • Understanding and implementing medication awareness and patient advocacy strategies
  • Resilience and creativity in facing long-term challenges and cancer survivorship
  • Fostering support and understanding of both the individual and their caregivers, partners and supporters.

Our goal is to provide relevant information and help to foster resilience, support and communication among family members and their communities --medical and personal.

This is also the on-line home of Laurel Zien, ElderCare Coach and Educator and author of the Amazon Hot New Seller You Have Cancer: Moving From Fear to Hope and the award-winning Tracking Your Medicine: How to Keep It Simple and Safe and owner of BoomerView Press. 

Since Laurel's diagnosis in 2011 with a rare neuroendocrine cancer, and reflective of her steep learning curve, we've expanded our areas of concern to include managing with chronic illness, including cancer. 

We have divided our site into several sections:

Home - Welcome to BoomerView
Hot Topics - Articles offering important information in aging and/or chronic illness you may have missed
ViewPoint - Three sections: Laurel's blog; Columns on issues and pragmatic commentary in the areas of Medication Awareness and Patient Advocacy and a bonus page on Net Cancer Awareness Day

Projects - Information about Laurel's two books: You Have Cancer: Moving from Fear to Hope - First Steps for the Overwhelmed and Tracking Your Medicine: How To Keep It Simple and Safe; and Ditty's Closet a unique medical equipment lending library
Resources - Includes Links and books of interest and Archives - Past columns from this website

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