NET Cancer Awareness Day


Friday is World NET Cancer Awareness Day!

I'll be giving my ebook "You Have Cancer: Moving From Fear to Hope - First Steps for the Overwhelmed" away for FREE on Thursday and Friday, November 9 and 10 on to support awareness of this rare cancer.

Some important NET facts (courtesy of NETRF):

* Mis-diagnosing is common. On average NET cancer patients see six healthcare professionals over 12 visits before a correct diagnosis

* Symptoms of NET cancer are often similar to more common conditions: IBS, asthma, diabetes. NET cancer can arise throughout the body in organs that contain neuroendocrine cells such as the stomach, bowel, lungs, and pancreas

* More than 80% of NET cancer patients stopped working as a result of their cancer

* The incidence of NETs is low, but NET cancer patients are everywhere. Thankfully, many live long & happy lives.

Honoring Net cancer day with a FREE book.

About the Book: An Kindle Top Ten Hot New Seller/Cancer for 30 days, You Have Cancer: Moving From Fear to Hope is guide for all folks newly diagnosed with cancer, their caregivers and supporters. I also briefly share my story of being diagnosed with a rare neuroendocrine (NET) cancer. 

One reviewer commented: "With my 35 years of being in the cancer field, I believe this should be the gold-standard of issue for every newly diagnosed patient and their caregivers. Laurel's concise, informative guidebook is easy to follow, read and understand." --Julie Kaldveer, MA., Cancer Support Community of the S.F. Bay Area